Stitches: comedy & craft show


Thea Lux combines her two favorite things, comedy and DIY.

join us for laughs n’ crafts

Saturday, July 20th

2PM Crafts | 4PM Comedy

Geeky Teas & Games

2220 W. Magnolia Blvd. Burbank, CA

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Lexie Grace | James Fritz | Danielle Perez

Vanessa Gonzalez | Christine Medrano

Amber Preston | Liz Reuss | Sara Schaefer



Sara Schaefer

Emmy-winning comedian Sara Schaefer combines with comedy with crafting to create funny handmade home decor.

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Frying Sausage

Graphic designer and lettering artist with a love for animals and video games.

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Thea Lux

Thea Lux is a comedy person who is always crafting under the name, Hot Dog City, USA. Hot dogs are her preferred medium. She is the founder of the Stitches: Comedy & Craft Show.

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Mae DiFilippo

Artist, illustrator, and pug enthusiast. Come for prints, postcards, and stickers.

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We Felt Things

We Felt Things is a one woman design studio that specializes in creating quirky needle-felted home decor. Monsters, cacti, and our other cute creations are all hand felted and one of a kind!

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Lisa Laureta

Lisa Laureta injects her comedy skills into her art skills to make some weird, often dark, always fun and full of color projects. In addition to her silly cartoons, she also commissions portraits of pets which she paints in reclaimed wood-framed windows and she's a photographer with prints galore! She's a real Renaissance Woman, sans the Bubonic Plague.

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Your Friend Abby

Abby Schachner is a performer and writer who makes cute, weird stuff for cute, weird people. Whether she's making kids’ books, wall art, or something adorable out of a tampon (Tampon Dolls), Abby puts the art in heArt.



Mangata Jewelry

Handcrafted whimsical jewelry made from the soul, for the soul.

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Bethy Squires

Bethy Squires is a writer and researcher and ceramicist in Hollywood. You can find her writing at Vulture and her pots full of basil.


Nicole Filiatrault

Nicole Filiatrault

Nicole Filiatrault's work aspires to bridge the physical world with the intensely personal symbolism of dreams. With a background in realism, and a day job in animation she feels compelled to bring her internal dream worlds to life. Intensely curious and constantly learning new skills Nicole tries to bring that sense of wonder to her work. Somewhere between introspection and irreverence is where she finds her home.

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Party at Forman’s

Rachel Forman is a writer, comedian, crafty lady & vintage treasure hunter born and raised in Silverlake. Come to her for vintage knickknacks, unique fabrics & embroidery with a mental health twist.



All Dolled Up by Em

Magical wee beasties run wild at All Dolled Up by Em. Handmade with felt and polymer clay, each creature is entirely one-of-a-kind. Visit us to discover seedling trolls, flower sprites, and other strange and mystical animals.

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JoAnn Schinderle

Embroidery, cards, pillows, and tote bags littered in feminine sass.

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Mike Matola

I handwrite out full music scripts and music albums to create portraits of the subjects.

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