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Fine Tuned – A new short film by YouTube’s Craig “Wheezy Waiter” Benzine, produced by New Form Digital

OPENING FEBRUARY 23rd: Redletter at the Neo Futurarium


5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche was a cult hit in Chicago last year, and arrives at the Fringe gleaming with comic polish. (Among the strong cast, I especially enjoyed Thea Lux’s wry turn as the butchest of the bunch.)” – Time Out New York, August 2012

“Vern (Thea Lux, in my favorite performance) is the dry-humored, tough talking one. We get the sense that if women could have gotten away with being butch in the ‘50s, Vern would be the first to dispense with those full skirts.” –, August 2012

“Thea Lux is also quite charmingly quirky as the somewhat anxious Julie Beck.” –

“Julie Nichols wrote the zippy and likable melodies — her first name is used for the shy gal (delightfully played by Thea Lux).” –

“The well-meaning, open-minded Gertie is played by Thea Lux with perfect comic timing and understatement.” – Talkin’

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Thea Lux is one of the founding members of Chicago’s ground-breaking theater company, The New Colony, and has studied and/or performed sketch and improvisation at Second City, IO Theater and The Annoyance. Productions such as The Annoyance’s 58 – A Comedy About Bike Messengessengering, Love is Dead: A NecRomantic Musical Comedy, and 5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche took home awards at the NYC Fringe Festival.

Currently she’s running around town doing silly things on various stages in Chicago.

She was runner up in the 8 week talent competition, Impress These Apes, and played the nervous and quiche-loving Ginny in the critically acclaimed and utterly fun 5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche. A year later, Thea flipped roles to play Vern, Ginny’s sweetheart. The show was remounted, went to the NYC Fringe Festival, won FringeNYC’s “Best Production” award, and got picked up for an Off-Broadway run. She currently can be seen in the new short film Fine Tuned, by YouTube star Craig “Wheezy Waiter” Benzine.

Additionally, music she co-wrote won the Joseph Jefferson award for Original Incidental Music in That Sordid Little Story.

Photo by Johnny Knight